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Ashton's Cigar Club

Ashton's Cigar Club
Ashton's Cigar ClubAshton's Cigar ClubAshton's Cigar Club
Our Price:  £50.00

At M W Ashton we know the importance of broadening our horizons where cigars are concerned. We know it's easy to stick to what we know, but we also know that there's almost an infinite number of cigars out there to discover.

That's why we launched the Ashton's Cigar Club.

Here's how it works...

Every month we assemble a selection of around 3 or 4 fantastic cigars. Some months have a theme such as showcasing cigars from a particular maker or region, but other months we offer an eclectic mix from around the globe.

We prepare these and dispatch them to you on the 1st of the month, meaning they will be delivered to your door soon after, along with comprehensive tasting notes and the occaisional additional gift.

We encourage our members to feedback to us their thoughts and occaisionally we might ask for guest tasting notes from members, because this is as much about what you think as what we think!

Subscriptions are priced at 50.00 per month with discounts for longer durations and delivery is included.

Although 3 month and annual orders are non-refundable, we want to keep this service accessible to all so if you prefer to be flexible, simply order this product whenever you feel and we will get this month's selection out to you right away.

It's a one-off as standard, and much more if you would like it to be.




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